A Little Bit of Truth


I think that’s all I can muster tonight.


My friends who hug me like they mean it.

The cats and dogs in our house who went from acting like mortal enemies to lounging around together–in five days.

My son’s big heart that brought those cats to our house in the first place.

My wife’s willingness to take them in after she swore she’d never have another cat as long as she lived.

Riding my bike or walking to do an errand, every time I can, this whole upcoming year. Today: two miles to the pharmacy and two back.

My twelve-year-old wanting to split the cost of a new strategy board game so we can play it together.*

Cold air in my lungs.

Our ninety-four-year-old neighbor doing yard work Every. Single. Day.

Taking my kids to the high school basketball game and shouting together as it came down to the last second.

Getting a comment from someone I’ll never meet thanking me for something I wrote.

My daughter working so hard to rehab her knee after a second surgery.

Telling my Miracle Girl stories about when she was tiny.

Looking at a book cover on my shelf and remembering how wonderfully surprising that story was.

Thinking of an old hurt for the first time in years and realizing I’m not holding onto that one anymore.

My wife’s ability to forget arguments and not hold grudges.

Waking up tomorrow knowing it’s a new day and that, despite all the evil we’re committing and allowing in our country, Jesus still loves us and calls us to proclaim God’s Kingdom.


Today, we had a moment of uncertainty whether we’d have tomorrow. It shook me. It also woke me.

The truth is, none of us know if we get tomorrow. I can’t let myself forget to pay attention today.

*We’re getting Photosynthesis.

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