Coming Back


Sermon I did this past Sunday (8-14-16) at International Christian Fellowship.  Some thoughts on how to get back on the path when you’ve gotten off, for one reason or another.

Deciding what to preach is always more of an art than a science, trying to listen to God (however that works) and get my own ego out of the way (with much help from God).  This was one in which I really felt like I had to say this stuff.


3 thoughts on “Coming Back

  1. Timoteo

    Quality stuff Mikey-Mike! I think I spent a long time off said path. Not exactly sure how many times, or when I last took those first steps toward the glittering lights in the woods. Not exactly sure when I started to turn back. But, I think it’s happening. Peace Mikey-Mike. Thank you for this encouraging sermon!

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