“God Enters In” now available


Last year I wrote an Advent reflection series. Several wonderful people told me I should turn it into a book–they’re wonderful independent of that they like my writing, by the way–so I took good advice. I know, will wonders never cease? I polished them up and edited them and added a bit and voila! an Advent devotional book.

So you can now get God Enters In on Kindle, including with the free Kindle reader app, so you can read it on basically any screen. For those of you who have never tried that, the link just to the right of the book cover on the same page, where it says “Read with Our free app.” You can get there by clicking here, then clicking on the link when it pops up.

Speaking of the book cover: my brilliant, artistic nieces Aislyn and Annika designed the cover for me! Feel free to leave a comment telling them how great it is.

I’m working on getting both this and Something Like Faith out in paperback. Update! It’s available in paperback now, too! I’m a bit challenged in this area, so if anyone is handier at the whole digital revolution, I would accept help gratefully and pay you in chocolate or free books.

Of course, you can also still read the Advent reflections here on my blog. I haven’t taken them down, in case anyone can’t afford the book right now or just prefers the blog version.

Thanks for all the encouragement and support for my writing. I hope you have a blessed and healthy Advent season. I always remember this is not the easiest time for everyone and, some years, has been the most difficult for me. I do believe God is with us.

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