Grace in a Time of Covid


[I tried to express this so that you can identify as “I,” whichever side of the division you might take. Trying to see both sides in this manner helped me.]

I know we’re all upset. I don’t know how to show grace.

I’m angry with the choices you’re making. I think you’re wrong.

How do I show you grace?

I don’t like your reasoning. It makes no sense to me. It’s so easy to ridicule and mock you.

How do I show you grace?

I suspect the motives behind your conclusions. You decide what we should do based on what you want to see, not on what facts tell us.

How do I show you grace?

I hate how you’re behaving in this. I hate how you’re expressing your disagreement. I hate how you’re treating us.

How do I show you grace?

I wish there didn’t have to be “YOU” and “US.” I’d hoped we would all pull together and come through this more united, recognizing the same concerns, working together to solve our common problems. Instead we seem more divided and I’m horribly frustrated with that, and with you.

How do I show you grace?

I know whom I follow. I know one who showed grace when hated, rejected, mocked, scorned, and scourged by “them.” One who taught grace, offered grace, lived grace. Jesus didn’t hate them. He didn’t attack or belittle them. He refused to accept “us” and “them.” He offered kindness, wisdom, and unconditional love to everyone. When they murdered him, when they knew his death proved they were right–all along, about everything–he gave himself to atone, forgive, and show grace to all. He gave himself to break down “us” and ‘them.”

Did the result show how true their condemnations, how justified their mocking, how deserved their beating?

They were wrong.

Even then, he offered grace.

Even now, when I feel these things toward you–and act so unlike him–he offers me grace.

How do I show you grace?

2 thoughts on “Grace in a Time of Covid

  1. Tim Wilbur

    “How do I show you grace?”, is a seldom asked question these days. Presently, that question has been exchanged for a mantra, “I will show you up and prove you wrong”. Answering your question redemptively begins with actually wanting to show grace. Without the desire, the question will never get asked. Our hearts won’t change until our dreams do.

  2. Kari Clark

    Thank you for the continuing reminders and encouragement.
    A couple of hours ago i was irritated with some stranger for going the wrong way in the aisle at the grocery store. Not remembering grace.
    But, just before that, I was able to talk with my dad on the phone and listen for the person behind the rant and offer empathy rather than retort. A little grace.
    Thanks for the reminders.

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