Monday Musings


At 7:30, 10 minutes after she left for work, Kim called to say she’d gotten her car scheduled for an oil change at 10AM. Not ideally conducive for my morning writing sessions, especially after a big weekend celebrating her birthday and still hosting houseguests. Always takes me a bit to get my momentum back.

I drive over to East Wenatchee, and of course they have a few other scheduled maintenance things they’d like to do, so the 1/2 hour is going to be 1:20. Sigh. Fine, I’ll spend the time walking to make it beneficial. Who knows, I may even pray and/or have some inspiration.

I’ve walked about a mile from the car dealer/mechanic shop when the wind starts blowing pretty hard and I feel like something is gently tugging on my rear end. I look back and at first think my back pocket is inside out. But no. It’s one of Kim’s footie socks. Attached to my shorts by the Velcro on my back pocket. Yep, walking through the world with a sock Velcroed to my butt.

I wanted to tell myself it blends in, but it’s more a complementary color.

[My funky community appreciated this story. Grace involves transparency and vulnerability, and mental health awareness month needs to include a laugh or two, right? So I’m sharing it with you.]

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