Rhonda, the Middle Sister Sermon


Sermon I preached at International Christian Fellowship, Managua, 6-9-19

Audio starts at 18 seconds. Listen to how they say “Good Morning!”

2 thoughts on “Rhonda, the Middle Sister Sermon

  1. Derek Murphy

    Blessed and moved to tears in reading this, as THE LOVE OF GOD was clearly displayed before my eyes.
    “We would see JESUS” is something i wrote in my meditation this morning as i thought upon Proverbs 16 v 17, and of how we can stay on The highway of the upright.
    Looking into this i came across your site by the providence of GOD.
    So helpful to be reminded that i could and never will reach the benchmark, BUT GOD has done something because of HIS GREAT LOVE.
    Here is a phrase i once read, not sure where -“When THE FATHERS LOVE IS IN THE FATHERS HOUSE, the prodigals will come home.”
    This is GOD’S GREAT EVANGELISM METHOD – “THE LOVE OF GOD as seen in THE LORD JESUS CHRIST on the cross, that shines in, and then out of, hearts that know they are ransomed, healed, restored and forgiven, and are lost in love, lost in praise.
    Amazing GRACE o what sacrifice, THE SON OF GOD given for me!!
    JESUS, JESUS, all sufficient

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