Things that Bend My Reality


I know, sounds like I’m getting into delirium or psychoses here, but I’m not, nor am I referring to hallucinogens.  Nope, this is a science post!

I’m not a scientist; I don’t even play one on TV.  I dwell in a world of relationships, communication, literature, biblical interpretation and application.  I do a lot of encouraging and exhorting.  But I also feel closest to God when I’m in the mountains and I have a nearly Looking-up-at-Angel-Fallsunquenchable desire to be in waterfalls–not observing them from a safe distance, but swimming up under them, climbing up or down into them, hanging over the top and feeling the spray on my face and the rumble in my bones.  I have never gotten over C.S. Lewis’s description, in The Last Battle, of the children and animals running up the waterfall.  That may capture my longing for heaven more than anything else: being with God and running up waterfalls.

So I adore nature–yes, I said it–because I am really worshiping the creator of mountains and the waterfalls that crash down from them.  Nature inspires my adoration of the Creator God.  I know God is beautiful because God’s characteristics are reflected in all that he has made.  Clouds.  I can watch clouds and sunsets pretty much until they’re gone or someone reminds me I’m late to be somewhere else.

This is a far cry from having a grasp on science, or even natural science.  But I am fascinated.

Here, then, are a few things that delight and astound me. Continue reading